Sunday, 14 August 2011

Photos - life in Kokopo

Our street (our place is on the right hand side)
Elder member of the gecko family who live in our kitchen


'Tipi' the wannabe tough guard dog

Me having lunch at work 

Kids playing at the beach (baby asleep in front)

Beach at Rapopo (where we snorkel)
Smoking Mt Turvavur (taken at about 3 km from home)


  1. Simone, it's taken me two days to work out how to post a comment on your blog! Thank you for including me in your list. On the basis of your second post, I'm now of the view that you and Geoff are enjoying yourselves under the coconut tree, that work is but a detail and life in paradise is OK. Only the smoking volcano causes mild anxiety. And geckos are friends, as they never cohabit with snakes. Keep up the posts. All best from wintry Melb, J

  2. omg the photos are amazing. i am drinking up this blog like you with a coconut. keep it coming! -danielle