Saturday, 15 October 2011

Pics - Where we live

Some peeps have asked for pics of where we live (and both Renees, these puppy pics are for you:) The photos here are of our new place and the area immediately around it where we walk the puppy.

Lama gets his first chew toy.


Our lounge room

The Kitchen

Daily walks with Lama

The precinct where we live is full of parkland.

Taken while walking the dog. The view from just near where we live.

The church in our area.

Not such a great photo but these are pink frangipani trees and they give cherry blossoms a run for their money.  In the mornings, kids collect the fallen flowers.

Kids on their way to school.

The local school sports field.

The road to our house, lots of fruit and veg growing everywhere.


  1. what do the kids do with the fallen flowers? lama is so cute! such a sweet face. love the pics! your house looks very nice. xoxo danielle

  2. Lama is awesome!! Is he going back to OZ with you? And where you live...sigh.sigh.sigh.